Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Market at Gloucester Green

Every Wednesday there is a market in the City Centre.  I love going because the fruits and veggies are so fresh and much cheaper compared to the local stores.  Of course, I always get carried away with my purchases and find myself really wanting to give my apples away about halfway through my walk home...they get so heavy!

The vendors really like to yell about their featured produce and prices.  I guess this is their preferred method of advertisement.  This really scared me during my first visit, but as I was walking around today, I've actually grown quite fond of someone screaming at me about the price of the "bonanas".

Take a look at this purple cauliflower!
Have I mentioned how much I love fall?
Pork sandwich anyone?  Yes, that is an entire pig!
Yummy breads!

In addition to the food booths, you can find just about everything else at the market.  The booths are filled with rugs, used books, scarves, plants, cleaning supplies, clothing, etc.  Kind of reminds me of Canton...with just the junky aisles.

A couple of weeks ago I was at the market with two of my new friends and I found this tea towel at a honey vendor's booth.  My kindergartners were the "Busy Bees" and my class theme was centered around bees, so I had to have my picture taken with it...thanks Claire!

Today I came home with tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, avocados, garlic and apples.  I debated on "bonanas" but knew I would regret the extra weight in my bag.  Two scarves might have also jumped in my bag, along with a Jane Austen book.  I'm English now so I might as well embrace the scarves and English literature!

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