Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Addilyn!

Our sweet niece Addilyn turned three today! 

During our Tour of Texas we got to spend more time with her than we ever had in the past.  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her little personality...seems that she and her Aunt Leah are more alike than many would care to admit. 

While in Kress, Addilyn was kind enough to give Uncle J-Rod a few bike riding lessons.  Although he has caught grief for his baby blue bike, I will defend him in saying that it was borrowed from my mom.

She celebrated in style with a Minnie Mouse party (the pink Minnie, of course.)  We were so sad to have missed it, but we understand she had a grand time.

And she got a new bike!  Jared will be so jealous!

Happy Birthday, Miss Addi!

We love you!

-Aunt Leah and Uncle J-Rod

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