Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lunch at Kellogg

We are living the student life again and with that comes the art of finding free or really cheap food!  We have definitely hit the jackpot with the dining hall at Jared's college.  Now when you think of cafeteria food you might let you mind linger back to your high school days or even college.  In the Kress cafeteria my choice of a highly nutritious meal consisted of a pizza pocket...not sure what was in it, but for a dollar, you can't go wrong.  At Texas A&M our meal card allowed us to visit Double Dave's to partake in the pizza rolls.  Do you see a pizza theme in my life...and I wonder why I always complain about the size of my....oh nevermind.

Kellogg College is one of the newest colleges at the University of Oxford.  It has been in existence for about twenty years but some of its facilities are quite new, including the dining hall.  The Kellogg dining hall is very modern compared to most colleges.  It's a beautiful room that looks over the gardens, I can't wait to see them in full bloom in the spring.  Each college is very proud of it's Coat of Arms and it can be seen on everything.  The Kellogg Coat of Arms displays an open book to symbolize learning and an ear of corn (I think it looks more like wheat) in recognition of the benefactor of the college, the king of cereal.

Every day you are served on fine china complete with the Kellogg Coat of Arms.

You are served either sparkling or still water, with the Coat of Arms of course.

Your chair proudly displays the Coat of Arms.

And what English lunch is complete without fresh flowers!

You have your choice of a meat or vegetarian main course, an array of sides and a scrumptious dessert.  And of course, hot tea which is readily available.  I could get used to this kind of cheap cafeteria food...but I've yet to see them serve pizza.

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