Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An All-American Package

Yesterday the most wonderful thing happened...a package arrived!!!
Now the package itself was no surprise since it was mailed about two weeks ago.  This poor box has had the pleasure of hanging out in customs for several days.  You see, when you mail something to the UK, your cost doesn't simply stop at the US Postal Service.  Once it arrives in the UK, they hold it ransom until you can fork over some more money to pay their tariffs.  Even with all the hassle and money, guess what...I could care less!  You want to know why?  Because my sweet mother-in-law sent us all our favorite things!  Take a look!

I know we've only been gone a month, but it's kind of like being on a diet (and believe me, I've been on plenty).  When you can't have something, it makes you want it that much more.  That's exactly how I've been feeling lately!  As you can imagine, Thanksgiving is not a widely-celebrated holiday over here.  Subsequently, fall decorations are not in every store like they are in the States.  I'm having withdrawals!  I love to decorate for every season, especially fall.  I guess I can contribute that to growing up on the farm and loving harvest time so much.

Thanks to my MIL, Frances, I am now ready for fall with my new place mats, tea towels, candles of every flavor, pumpkin spice soap, candy and a variety of soup to warm us at night.  She even sent Jared some deodorant in a nice fall scent.  Just kidding...who knew that the English don't have solid deodorant, just spray.  Jared wasn't too fond of the spray.  He's no longer making fun of the three-pack of deodorant I brought with me!

Anyway to celebrate my taste of home, I'm enjoying a couple of fall-colored treats (Reese's) and the perfect fall candle (Leaves from B&BW, must try it if you haven't already)!

So I guess I can now say...Happy Fall Y'all...English style of course.

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  1. So happy you got your first All American package!! Thanks for sharing your pictures....Love you guys~