Saturday, October 23, 2010

Two Classics

After almost two months in Oxford, I finally got around to trying the quintessential English meal of fish and chips:
Notice the very large portion of "mushy peas"
The batter on the fish was nice and crispy.  And even though I do not particularly care for green peas, the "mushy peas" were better than I expected.  They are actually not that mushy, and are flavored with something that tastes similar to wasabi.  This is good news, since most dishes in English pubs are served with a side of these peas.  Overall, I was was fairly impressed...but I would still prefer some gold ole' fried catfish and hush puppies!

In addition to trying new food, we have also been sampling local ales in Oxford.
Mom, I promise this was taken at the library
Although Leah has given up on English beer and plans to stick to Foster's for the duration of our time here, I have found quite a few that I really like.  And the rumors about English beer are a little bit overstated, it is not that warm.  In fact, English ales are actually served colder than the Bud Light that may or may not be found in the toolboxes of Jeff and Jeremy two certain farmers who may or may not live in the Texas Panhandle.  Even though I have come to appreciate English ales, I was still thrilled when I spotted this American delicacy on the menu:

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