Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Day Impressions

After more than five years since my last day of law school, I started back at Oxford yesterday.  It was not the “official” first day, as my course has two weeks of “induction” before the term begins.  The induction program (or “programme,” if you prefer) is basically two short courses on Math and Financial Reporting to make sure everybody is on the same page before our classes begin.  Nonetheless, it is still school so I will call it my first day.  I will post more about Oxford at the end of the week, but I wanted to jot down a couple of my first impressions before I forgot:
  • People I meet may forget my name, but they ALWAYS remember that I am from Texas (the boots might have been a small hint)
  • Financial Reporting is more interesting than I anticipated
  • I know absolutely nothing about Financial Reporting
  • In England, there is an “r” at the end of “law” but I can't seem to find it
  • “Enron” is still a bad word after all these years
  • If you are from Australia, that automatically makes you cool in my book
  • I got a really good math education at Livingston High School and Texas A&M
  • I will always have a natural tendency to sit in the back row of every class
  • My father’s saying of “the mind can only absorb what the rear end can endure” is absolutely true (he might not say it exactly that way, but we are trying to keep this blog PG)
  • I was very disappointed when I did not receive any messages from Leah delivered by an owl 
  • No matter where you are from, a cold (or lukewarm) beer at 5:00 is the perfect ending to a long day

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