Monday, September 13, 2010

Our New English Home

As I said before, we had not seen pictures of our flat before we arrived.  We found an advertisement in the Oxford Gazette (the University newspaper, similar to the Battalion or Daily Texan).  The landlord lived here before she got married and now mostly rents it out to students like ourselves.  She and her husband are both professors at Oxford and have been extremely kind and helpful.  They arranged for someone to pick us up from the bus stop when we arrived, set up our phone and internet service, and have provided us with lots of good advice.  We were also very surprised to learn that her husband has taught at TCU and A&M...small world!

The flat overlooks a golf course which Jared is very excited about!  We can hear the golfers on the 18th hole.  A few pictures are below, and we will post more when we get internet service at the flat.

Those who know me won't be surprised that I've already started a redecorating list.  Jared constantly reminds me that we will only be here a year.  But I want it to be a comfortable home for a year, not just a furnished flat in Oxford.

These pictures were taken right when we arrived, so you will have to come see the redecoration in person....or I might post a few pictures later on. 

This is our living and dining space.  It is extremely bright and those windows open screens, of course!

The kitchen with the small fridge/freezer and super small dryer.

The other side of the kitchen with the range, oven and microwave (which was a total surprise!)


  1. Looks like ya'll are in that HGTV show that got this started! Perfect for the year!

  2. Super cute! Can't wait to see it all Leah-fied :)