Friday, September 24, 2010


Since Jared does not actually start classes until Monday, September 27th, we have had the chance to do a little exploring.  I know some people have expressed concerned that he is not attending classes by the looks of our blog....don't worry, he will!

We've gone to London twice is the last two weeks so I thought I would share a few pictures of our trips.  Our first stop was Westminster Abbey.  We were there two days before the Pope gave an address and visited the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior, so it was quite entertaining watching the crews prepare for his visit.  Unfortunately we could not take pictures inside (and I'm a law-abiding Visa holder!) but here are some pictures of the beautiful exterior and gardens.

I really hope this law thing works out for Jared because his photography skills are lacking!
Next stop, Big Ben and the London Eye.  A few things I learned along the way, thanks to Rick Steves, a fabulous guide book author. :
  • Big Ben is not actually the clock tower, but the huge bell inside of the clock.  It's chime is a beautiful sound!  
  • The London Eye was dubbed the "London Eyesore" by many while it was being built, but now is widely embraced by the city.  We did not ride the Eye but hope to on another trip.


 As I mentioned earlier, Jared and I really enjoy Rick Steves and all the tour books he has to offer.  But our favorite thing is to download one of his podcasts and let him give us a live tour as we walk around the city.  This was the case as we came upon Downing Street.

10 Downing Street is the official residence of the British Prime Minister so it is somewhat comparable to the White House.  In our headphones, Rick (we are on a first name basis) was telling us how this place is heavily guarded and rarely does anything exciting happen.  Unless...a dignitary pulls up in a black sedan and then the guards will whip into action.  About that time, a black sedan pulled up!  We knew exactly what was happening because Rick was walking us through the entire process.  The guards checked the driver's credentials, the gates were opened, the car was thoroughly checked for bombs (as I snapped pictures) and, after he was cleared, he simply parked and went inside.  Of course, we have no idea who the super cool guy was, but we were excited to see the bomb squad in action!

Then there was this guard that wanted to pose for me...maybe he thought I was cute....or just desperate for a picture!

And another cutie...

On to the next stop.  St. James's Palace has horses that stand guard at the gates.  These are quite regal horses and definitely a tourist attraction. 

I noticed this sign and thought it was funny.  I guess being a farm girl, I thought...duh.

Then right after I took this picture, the lady in it got bit!  I guess she got a bit too close to that perturbed horse!  No worries, she was OK, but I bet she thinks twice before standing close to such a regal horse next time.

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