Friday, September 17, 2010

Oh Happy Day!!!

We have internet at the flat!!  Our rooter, oh I’m talking like them again…I mean router was actually delivered to our landlord’s college, Queen’s College, instead of the flat.  Our landlord is still on holiday so it took some investigating to figure this out, but when we finally did…pure bliss!  Jared was like a child waiting for everyone to get up on Christmas morning.  In his opinion, I couldn’t get ready fast enough!  He did not understand why I needed makeup on to get the router…men.  When he finally held the router in his hands, you would have thought that someone just handed him the Crown Jewels!

Actually, yesterday was an all around fabulous day.  We found Dr. Pepper for Jared and Dr. Pepper Zero for me, which tasted just like Diet DP.  I found 3 new thrift shops in my neighborhood. And for the grand finale of the evening, we finally took the plunge and started up the washing machine….and it worked!  Now, it felt like the flat was going to collapse it was spinning so fast, but that’s what it has to do when you don’t have a dryer!  I’ve always complained immensely about laundry, but as I have had to hang everything to dry on these weird wire gadgets in the living room, I’m admitting once again that I’m a spoiled American!  I will be so grateful to have a dryer when we get home!  Here is a picture for your viewing entertainment.  Don’t be jealous of our “HD” TV (Hugely Disappointing) you see in the background!

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