Saturday, November 6, 2010


As Jared studies away at school, I'm continuing to enjoy the English countryside with the Newcomer's Club.  This week we traveled to Wallingford, a quaint village south of Oxford which can be dated back to the Saxon times.  Wallingford has a wonderful museum where we spent most of our morning learning about the area's history. 

The main attraction of the village is Wallingford Castle which is thought to have been built between 1067 and 1071.  Because of the numerous wars that the Castle has seen, only a few stretches of stone are left.


Cows grazing by a "re-built" castle moat
Although this bridge is not original, it has great details...check out those spikes!

Because the castle was originally built on a hill, higher than the rest of the village, the views were great.  I still can't get over how beautiful the leaves are.  Being a Texas Panhandle girl, I just cannot get used to all these trees!

While walking around the town center, we noticed this group of signs.  Seems like all the essentials are right here.  What else do you need besides church, USA chicken and the loo!

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