Saturday, February 19, 2011

Water Table Fun

I'm really enjoying my part-time job at the Christian primary school.  Although I'm only there two afternoons a week, I've developed some special bonds with the children.  It thrills my soul when I walk in the door and hear the cutest British voices say,"Yeah!  Mrs. Haaaa-rrell is here!".  They still correct my English on occasion but, all-in-all, they've accepted this Texan girl.

There are so many differences between a private British Christian school and the public Texas school I'm accustomed to.  I wanted to share with you the one of the funniest I've encountered so far.  It is very common to find a water table or sand table in a kindergarten classroom in the States.  This is a great place for the children to explore and generally make the biggest mess possible!  There is a water table in my classroom here and the children love to make the biggest mess are kids! 

As I arrived at school a couple of days ago, I was hanging up my coat and surveying the room to see what the children had been doing that morning.  I saw a sign hanging above the water table.

I wasn't sure I read it correctly so I stepped closer for a better look...

Yep, it's official, I'm not in a Texas public school anymore!

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