Thursday, April 28, 2011

LECT Group Project

The "capstone" course for the MLF program is called Law and Economics of Corporate Transactions. It is a course that (a) brings together what we have learned in finance, economics, and law, (b) sprinkles in a bit a game theory, and (c) puts it all in the context of real-life corporate transactions. As a practicing lawyer, I find these subjects fascinating and honestly do think that I will be a better lawyer for having taken the course.

One of the major components of the course is a group project to analyze a recent, real-world corporate transaction. The projects are staggered throughout Trinity Term (April to July), with one group presenting every week or so. The projects work are as follows: (1) the student group analyzes the document and academic theory of the transaction, (2) the group presents a PowerPoint presentation to their fellow MLF students and faculty members, and (3) the practitioners that actually did the deal present their side of the deal and a critique of the group's presentation.

My group had the fortune of going first. This meant we had to work on our presentation over the break between Hillary and Trinity Term. Since most people had gone home or on vacation for the break, it was quite interesting working on a project with team members literally spread across the globe. However, our group was fantastic and thanks to Skype and Google Documents we were able to get it done.

Overall, I was very impressed with our finished product. In fact, a direct quote from the practitioner who did the actual deal was that our analysis was "spot on." I am constantly amazed at the intelligence and talent of the people I go to school with!

The Dream Team (from left to right): Antonia (Wales), Jan Willem (The Netherlands), Me, Shane (Ireland), and Sophie (Belgium)

The finished product!

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