Saturday, January 29, 2011

Christmas Continues

I know what you're thinking....Christmas is over!  Oh, but isn't it Christmas in your heart all year long? is in mine!  I received a Christmas present yesterday that came as quite a surprise.  As I walked into school, the secretary said that she had something for me.  Now, I'm still learning the ins and outs of a private school, so I didn't understand as she told me that I would be receiving extra money in my paycheck this month.  You see, I have yet to receive a paycheck since I've started working at the school in November because of dreadful English paperwork, so I just assumed she meant that all the money I had earned since then would be in this months paycheck.  She then handed me a slip of paper explaining that an anonymous donor had given me an extra sum of money as a "Christmas thank you for my contribution to the school".  I know I had quite a confused look on my face so she explained that a parent had given an anonymous donation.  I was floored...this is something that just doesn't happen in the public school world in the USA!  I mean I've gotten some wonderful gift cards at Christmas but never just cash...and let's me honest, never have we needed it more!  I was so grateful for the giving spirit of an anonymous donor!

Speaking of Christmas, I came across some pictures that I wanted to share.  I helped to organize a Christmas Baking Party for the Newcomer's Club.  Although many cultures revel in the joys of baking, licking bowls and eating the goodness that's been pulled from the oven, there are some cultures that do not have baking as a part of their regular kitchen activities.  It was so fun to watch them create their own creations for the first time.

Putting together gingerbread houses is a fine art.
Making gingerbread men
My friend Katherine and me posing while our cookies bake.
Baking is fun!  Look at those smiles!
Showing off my mad decorating skills!
Most of the group with our finished products.
We then packaged up the goodies and sold them at our Newcomer's Christmas Coffee.  Half of the proceeds went back to the club while the other half benefited a local charity.
Merry Christmas!...last time until December 2011...I promise!

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