Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Although I'm not a huge antique hunter, I'm always up for a car ride in the English countryside!  Earlier this month I joined a group from the Newcomer's Club on a day trip to Lechlade, a small town on the edge of the Cotswolds.  It was a super foggy English morning so we didn't see much past the hood of the car on the drive from Oxford.  Thankfully, the fog was gone just in time for our journey home.  The green rolling hills and meadows between the villages are absolutely beautiful!

Church steeple peaking through the fog.

I just love the bicycles....I'm thinking about hanging some on the side of our next home.  I'm sure that would make the neighbors happy.

Although most of the prices were way beyond our no income budget, I enjoyed browsing!  It is amazing to compare the things we label "antiques" in the States to what they call antiques here.  In their eyes, our "antiques" are brand new!

Mom, I was going to buy you this entire set for your birthday, but then realized I couldn't even afford a saucer.  So I hope you enjoy this picture!

Looking back at my pictures, it looks like I just focused my eyes on the small sparkly things.  Hmm, Jared might be onto something when he often reminds me that I'm distracted my shiny objects...oh well!

I guess this next shop heard I was dropping by that day because they made a display just for me.  Check it you see my sculpture and a sketch of Oliver?  What can I say, we're famous!

My sweet friend, Claire, and me

The shop's mascot...he was the only thing I really wanted to take home that day!

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